Premier Contract for MRidium™ MRI IV Pump System with Integrated Masimo™ 

IRadimed Corporation Awarded Premier Contract for its award winning MRidium™ MRI IV Pump System with Integrated Masimo™ 

The Premier healthcare alliance has awarded IRadimed Corporation a three-year contract for its MRidium™ MRI Infusion Systems. Effective January 1st, 2012, the agreement makes the MRidium™ Systems available to Premier members. There are more than 2,500 U.S. hospitals and 81,000-plus other healthcare sites in the Premier alliance. MRidium™ was awarded the contract under Premier's MR Compatible Equipment Category which includes MRI Infusion Pumps and Monitoring Equipment. IRadimed was also awarded a sole source agreement with Premier's ASCEND (Accelerated Supply Chain Endeavour) program which offers single source agreements for its highly compliant customer base. This new agreement offers a broad base of new customers for IRadimed to partner and grow its current strong base of MRidium™ MRI Equipment in the US Market.

The MRidium™ Systems are the only Non Magnetic IV Pumps designed specifically for use in the MRI Environment. Safety in the MR is the primary concern when it comes to meeting needs for required patient care. These risks are well known: equipment can fly into the MR, cause artifacts on the images of the scan, or just shut down during crucial deliveries of medications and monitoring. "It is critical to have products which have been designed with the utmost care and thorough insight of this harsh and potentially dangerous environment," said Roger Susi, founder of IRadimed Corporation.

The MRidium™ 3860 MRI Infusion System also incorporates Masimo's SET SpO2 System for continuous monitoring of patients from the ICU, NICU, Neurology, and other areas of the hospital right into the MRI Suite. The 3860 System also offers an expanded drug library with DERS (Dose Error Reduction System), which helps prevent medication entry errors while programming infusions, and provides the patient safety features that are quickly becoming the standard in infusion therapy in general patient care areas.

The MRidium™ System also supports infusion delivery in the MR through additional accessories associated with the MRI Infusion Pump and Remote Monitor. The system offers a modular second channel, which when attached to the 3860 Pump, allows for delivery of two medications simultaneously during patient scans. A range of available infusion sets provides the necessary clinical flexibility needed for MRI Infusion. The MRidium™ 1055 Bypass Infusion and 1058 Infusion Extension set allows clinicians to quickly change over IV sets from the hospital based infusion system. The MRidium™ 1057 Vented Syringe Adapter Set allows for accurate delivery from a syringe using a low priming volume of only 4 milliliters per set.

About IRadimed Corporation
IRadimed Corporation is a leader in MRI safe products and Infusion Therapy. Our founder is the pioneering developer of both the world's first and best selling MRI compatible monitoring system and the only Non Magnetic IV Pumps designed specifically for use in the MRI Environment. IRadimed's staff has a combined 70+ years developing MRI safe products. The MRidium™ Infusion System has full benefit of the experience and attention to details so important to the development of quality equipment which can be safely used in the MRI setting. For more information please visit

MRidium™ is a Trademark of IRadimed Corporation

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