27th Annual Roth Conference

IRadimed Corporation to Present at 27th Annual Roth Conference

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IRADIMED CORPORATION to Present at 27th Annual Roth Conference Winter Springs, Florida, February 27, 2015 – IRADIMED CORPORATION (NASDAQ:IRMD), today announced that Roger Susi, President and Chief Executive Officer and Chris Scott, Chief Financial Officer, will present at the 27th Annual Roth Conference in Laguna Niguel, CA. Mr. Susi and Mr. Scott are scheduled to present on Monday, March 9th at 11:30 pm Pacific Time (2:30 pm Eastern Time). Investors may listen to a live webcast and view a copy of the slide presentation online via the internet at http://www.iradimed.com/en-us/investors/index.php and selecting Events & Presentations. The recorded webcast will be accessible online for at least 30 days. About IRADIMED CORPORATION IRADIMED CORPORATION is the leading provider of non-magnetic IV infusion pump systems that are safe for use during MRI procedures. Electromechanical medical devices and pumps contain magnetic and electronic parts which generate radio frequency noise, create interference and are dangerous to operate in the presence of the powerful magnet which drives an MRI. The company’s MRidium (3850/3860+) IV pump systems have been designed with non-ferrous parts, ceramic ultrasonic motors, non-magnetic mobile stands and other special features in order to safely and predictably deliver anesthesia and other IV fluids during various MRI procedures. The company’s pump solution provides a seamless approach to providing IV fluids before, during and after an MRI scan, which is important to critically-ill patients who cannot be removed from their vital medications, and children and infants must generally be sedated in order to remain immobile during an MRI scan. For more information please visit www.iradimed.com. MRidium is a trademark of IRADIMED CORPORATION. Media Contact: Chris Scott Chief Financial Officer IRADIMED CORPORATION (407) 677-8022 InvestorRelations@iradimed.com

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