DERS Validation Scheduler

The MRidium 1145 ‘Dose Error Reduction System’ provides a comprehensive safety solution at the point of patient care. Designed to reduce infusion errors, the DERS custom drug library enhances infusion safety, provides potential cost savings and allows compliance with ISMP and The Joint Commission recommendations. 

Clinically approved and validated by your pharmacy, the DERS custom drug library with its pre-programmed hard and soft ‘Safe Guards’ helps prevent infusion errors by defining clinically acceptable dosing ranges. 

Please use the link below if you have purchased the DERS option and need to schedule a validation appointment.

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IRadimed DERS

Complete Control

The 1145 DERS option for the 3860+ allows users to customize the behavior of the MRidium infusion pump.With this option you have complete control over drug naming, initial dose value, dose units, drug concentration, drug units, patient weight limits and dose time.

IRadimed DERS Soft Guardrails

Soft Limit Safe Guards

Soft limits can be customized for any drug in the customized DERS drug library. Soft Limits require a secondary confirmation for users to override a limit. An indication of the most recent soft limit override is indicated on the running display once the infusion starts.

IRadimed DERS Hard Guardrails

Hard Limit Safe Guards

Hard limits can be configured for any drug in the customized DERS library. Hard limits are used to prevent catastrophic input errors and can not be overridden by a user. The 1145 DERS option will not allow a user to continue in the setup procedure until an accepted value is entered. 

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