"Finally, an efficient way to transport our critical patients to the MRI"

The days of transferring a patient from traditional transport equipment to the MRI monitor & MRI IV pump in the hallway outside of the MRI suite is now a thing of the past. IRadimed non-magnetic devices are small, lightweight, and easy to use and designed to travel with the patient between the MRI suite and their care unit. These unique transport attributes increase MRI efficiency while decreasing the amount of time critically ill patients are away from their care unit.

Transferring the patient to the MRI monitor in the originating department such as an Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Department or Anesthesia induction room reduces the need for unnecessary equipment transfers providing the following benefits:

  • Reduction in Time Critical Patients are ‘Off Unit’
  • ‘Continuity of Care’ During Inter-Departmental Transports
  • Efficient Use of the MRI Scanner and Increased Patient Throughput
  • Expedited MRI Diagnosis

MRI Care Cycle 

MRI transport icon 1.png

1: Pre MRI Set-Up

Connecting the non-magnetic MRI patient monitor and MRI IV pump to the patient within the ‘safety-net’ of their care unit maintains patient stability prior to their MRI appointment.

MRI transport icon 2.png

2: Transport

IRadimed's lightweight devices allow a single staff member to easily transport the patient to the MRI department without the need to transfer monitors again once they arrive.

MRI transport icon 3.png

3: MRI Exam

With their non-magnetic rating and small footprint, clinicians have the freedom to position  the MRI monitor & IV pump where it best enhances patient care for the required procedure.

MRI transport icon 4.png

4: Transport

Using the 3880 MRI monitor for the entire care cycle helps streamline patient transitions and maintains patient care without a lapse in monitoring during equipment transfers.

MRI transport icon 5.png

5: Post MRI Exam

Whether it is the patient’s originating department or a recovery area, IRadimed products are with you and your patient every step of the way to ensure continuity of care. 



Workflow Consultation

Patient safety and stability is increased when you provide uninterrupted vital sign monitoring and IV Infusion delivery from the patient's care unit to MRI and back. IRadimed partners with your team to evaluate your current procedural workflow and will recommend strategies on how our MRI patient monitor and IV infusion pump will improve your overall patient workflow and staff efficiency.


Get your own free personalized written analysis with an IRadimed workflow consultation. 


IRadimed Portable MRI Products

3880 MRI Patient Monitor

3880 MRI Patient Monitor

3860+ MRI IV Infusion Pump System

3860+ MRI IV Infusion Pump System

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