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IRadimed & Invivo Founder - Roger Susi
2017 not only marks the 30th anniversary of my first MRI patient monitor but also the next major milestone in MRI patient monitoring history.

At IRadimed (NASDAQ: IRMD), we work hard every day to provide you with the best possible products and services while pushing the boundaries of technical innovation. Since founding Invivo Research Inc, the predecessor to Invivo Corporation in the early 1980s and now founding IRadimed in 2004, I have lived through the MRI market’s transformation.

The 1990s and early 2000s were filled with MRI patient monitoring innovations such as wireless communication, anesthetic agent measurements, and temperature monitoring which helped fuel the rapid expansion of MRI applications. I am humbled to have witnessed how these devices of my design, have opened access to a wider range of patients as well as advanced MRI anesthesia procedures. I am proud to be a part of the technology that has made a positive difference in so many people’s lives.  

 During the past 10 years that I have been establishing the MRI infusion pump market, I have seen MRI patient monitors grow in size, complexity and cost. In my opinion these attributes are misaligned with the needs of modern healthcare. This observation has motivated our company to innovate again. We are excited to present you with the IRadimed 3880, the world's first and only non-magnetic, portable MRI patient monitoring system.

This is an exciting time for IRadimed as 2017 not only signifies the 12th anniversary of our pioneering MRidium infusion pump, it also marks the 30th anniversary of my first MRI patient monitor as well as the introduction of the next major milestone in MRI patient monitoring history. 


Roger Susi

We are the MRI Innovators

IRadimed is a leader in MRI patient care with vast experience in MRI innovation. Roger Susi, our president and CEO, is the founder of Invivo Research where he pioneered the world’s first and best selling MRI patient vital signs monitoring brand, as well as founding IRadimed Corporation, the producer of the world’s first and best selling non-magnetic MRI infusion pumps and patient monitors. 

The leadership team at IRadimed has a deep history in developing and advancing MRI patient care and is proud to introduce the world’s first and only portable, MRI multi-parameter vital signs monitor that maintains the continuum of care throughout the patient’s entire MRI care cycle. Below are a few of this team’s most notable contributions to MRI patient care.

This Team's Achievements:

Invivo 3100 MRI Monitor.jpg

1987 - First MRI Patient Monitor

The 3100 Omni-Trak was the world’s first MRI patient monitor to receive FDA clearance. The 3100 opened the doors for patients to receive an MRI that would have been previously turned away. 

Invivo 3150 MRI Monitor.jpg

1996 - First MRI Wireless Use

Roger Susi and his team pioneered the use of wireless technology in MRI with the 3150 Omni-Trak. The simple setup of the wireless display expanded the benefits of MRI monitoring to a global scale. 

IRadimed 3860 MRI IV Infusion Pump.jpg

2005 - First MRI IV Infusion Pump

The MRidium is the world’s first non-magnetic IV infusion system. This unique infusion pump allows the delivery of fluids at the MRI bore safely for IV sedations and critical care patients. 

IRadimed 3880 MRI Patient Monitor.jpg

2016 - First Portable MRI Monitor

The IRadimed 3880 is a non-magnetic patient monitoring solution, designed to move with the patient between their care unit and the MRI suite while safely maintaining the ‘continuity of care’.

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