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MRI IV Infusion Accessories

The MRidium disposable IV infusion sets are designed exclusively for use with MRidium MRI Infusion systems. All infusion sets are MRI Safe and are radio-translucent to preserve the MRI image quality. All of the IV sets are latex free and feature the IRadimed exclusive flow prevention system as well as secondary safety clamps. 

1056 Standard (Spike) Infusion Set

MRI 1056 IV Set

 Infusion set with spike for use with fluid sources from bottles or IV bags. This set is ideal for starting a new IV fluid infusion for MRI patients. This set features two needle free injection ports.


1057 Vented Syringe Set

MRI Syringe IV Set

Infusion set for use with syringes. This set features micro-bore tubing and has a 4mL priming volume.


1058 IV Extension Set

MRI IV Extension Set

Infusion set for use when patients already have IV infusions that need to continue inside the MRI room. This set features one needle free injection port.


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